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Gregory P. Miller PhD.

Owner & Head Chemist

X-Ray Pharms is a full-service cannabis concentrate laboratory run by a PhD Chemist with +25 years of professional consulting experience and public safety responsibility.  Our focus is on the chemistry, safety, and precision required to create concentrate that mirrors your whole-plant medical entourage, to the greatest degree possible.  

X-Ray Pharms is a service company to Licensed Non-Profit Producers.  We do not grow, own, buy, or sell cannabis or cannabis products. We operate under the state-approved Manufacturer of Cannabis Derived Products program.  Our only customers are LNPPs; we regret we cannot service Personal Production License holders or Caregivers.  The laboratory facility is not open to the public.  It is solely a business-to-business medical laboratory for the medical cannabis program.

Gregory P.Miller Ph.D

Owner / Head Chemist

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Dr. Miller is an accomplished consultant, manager and chemist.  After entering New Mexico’s Medical Cannabis Program as a patient he became acutely aware of the Producer’s need for high-purity cannabis concentrates to better serve New Mexico’s patient base.


His first career (11-25 years of age) was in restaurant food service, ultimately as a sous chef and kitchen manager.  He has held another position responsible for public health as a New Mexico Level III Water System Operator. Medical cannabis tracking, chemical quantification, quality assurance and quality control are all similar to procedures used over Dr. Miller’s 30 years’ of experience in environmental clean-ups.  He has served the Board of Directors of a New Mexico Producer in the past.

As an American Chemical Society (ACS) member of over 18 years, Dr. Miller has been invited by the founders of the new Cannabis Chemistry Subdivision (CANN) at the Chemical Health and Safety Division (CHAS) of ACS to participate in efforts to standardize cannabis chemistry and processing.  As recently announced in the press, ACS is the world’s largest scientific society and its efforts to shine light on and standardize cannabis chemistry will only benefit medical cannabis patients in New Mexico.

The availability of concentrates and cannabinoid separations is redefining cannabis medical delivery methods.  Opportunities for blending and selective extractions will give LNPPs the ability to tune THC, CBD, and other cannabinoid and terpene fractions according to patient need, but only if pure concentrates are readily available at a supportable cost.  Patient-preferred cannabis strain-specific concentrates are in short supply and high demand.

Dr. Miller’s long history with safety in food service, laboratory operations, environmental site investigation, industrial processes, and mining has taught him that all “accidents” are preventable.  Through his training as a Tennessee State-Certified Firefighting Instructor and experience as a Firefighting Team Captain he knows that inherently flammable processes can be conducted safely, with appropriate diligence and capital investment.  Dr. Miller’s life experience is now focused on the safe, reliable, and sanitary production of cannabis concentrates for New Mexico medical cannabis patients.