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XRay Pharms Products

X-Ray Pharms is owned and operated by a professional Ph.D. chemist with decades of food, extraction, industry, and public safety experience. Our extraction efficiency is very high, routinely recovering 90% of the available cannabinoids as finished product. The X-Ray facility is food-grade throughout, purpose built for medical-grade cannabis extraction and refinement. LNPP clients are welcome to visit at any time for inspection.

All cannabis material provided to X-Ray Pharms is hand-cleaned and hand-processed prior to extraction. We have found the human factor indispensable, the same as true for quality food. We remove non-cannabis material, stem, and material that died before harvest, to maximize the flavor potential of your extract. All products are tested for aroma and palatability in addition to required testing for potency and contaminants prior to packaging. We seek to efficiently produce the best-possible concentrates.



New Mexico MCP rules prohibit distribution to patients of concentrates above 70% as delta-9 THC. Cannabis Distillates commonly exceed that threshold. X-Ray manufactures two types of distillate base that can be used in compliance with all rules. The first, “Standard Distillate”, ranges from about 75-95% concentration delta-9 THC and has an amber to light yellow color. It can be used as-is for edibles, tinctures and topicals, but is usulally twice-distilled then diluted with natural terpenes and flavors to 70% for use in vapes.

The second distillate we make is proprietary WaterTek; as the name implies it produces a much lighter color product than the Standard process. The WaterTek process also isomerizes much of the delta-9 THC to delta-8 THC, and other THC isomers. The product still has the desired effect of high-concentration high delta-9 Standard Distillate, while repeatably testing below 20% delta-9 THC. This is an excellent Cup-Winning medicine, sought by patients, that meets MCP concentration limit criteria. It is our finest oil.


CO2 Shatter, Crumble and Wax are prized for their stability and clean taste. They are available as select parts of larger extraction runs on higher grade material. CO2 Shatter, Crumble and Wax are not decarboxylated; they are THCA products. The only solvent is CO2 and it evaporates; these products see minimal heat and handling, no hydrocarbons or alcohols, and are sought by dabbers and patients for purity and “mirroring” of the terpene and cannabinoid profile of the flowers.


X-Ray Pharms CO2 oils are extracted with food-grade, bone-dry, carbon dioxide under high pressure and controlled temperature. Post-processing removes waxes from the oil and decarboxylates the THCA to active THC. This produce a sparkling clear, flavorful, light amber to brown oil. Terpenes are collected during extraction and back-added to the refined oil prior to packaging. Natural, or Cannabis sourced, terpenes can be added to improve oil flavor and the patient experience with entourage effects. We have a line of over 30 natural flavors from Andes Mint to Watermelon that is very popular in our Value Line cartomizers.

X-Ray CO2 Oil Vapes

Straight Strain-Specific CO2 Oil in Glass, Value-Line, or Disposable Cartomizers.
Natural Terpene Strain-Specific Enhanced CO2 Oil in Glass, Value-Line, or Disposable Cartomizers.
Natural Flavor Enhanced CO2 Oil in Glass, Value-Line, or Disposable Cartomizers.